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Re-Opening After COVID-19

COVID-19 Project

Surgical Masks

How to Make a Face Mask

Due to an outpouring of generous responses from the community about how to get involved with making masks, we have created this page to guide our method, which was developed with a local hospital, for producing face masks (note these are not FDA approved)

What materials are required?

  • 4 Pieces of String, 15” Long (Or similar material.

  • 2 pieces 7” if using rope elastic) 

  •  Surgical wrap material (preferred- this is non-woven) or tight-knit cotton 12” x 9”

  •  Ruler

  •  Pencil

  •  Scissors

  •  Iron

Contacting your local hospitals or companies in need is the best way to determine what type of material they will accept.

See Below for Downloadable Instructions and Video Guide.

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