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Hand-Made In The USA

Wholesale & Stock Program

Adrian Jules’ wholesale service is a unique offering for both Custom-Made and Ready to Wear garments.

Bespoke-Like Construction: Our garments are meticulously cut, trimmed, stitched and pressed by hand. We use modern machinery and technology only as an extension of our talented craftsmen’s hands.

Italian-American Design: Our Design Team brings together the traditional virtues of Old-World Italian Flat Pattern Design with the properties of contemporary style and newest technology. Our array of stylish silhouettes go through thousands of hours of R&D to ensure proper balance and easy deliveries for your clients.

Unrivaled Quality:  Our quality stands above all other American clothing makers due to our unparalleled hand tailored craftsmanship. A few key quality points:

  •  An individual pattern is created for every client and kept on file for consistent fittings

  • Master tailors meticulously cut and sew together each garment using exacting seam allowances and fullness

  • Depending on grade of tailoring, 30+ hours of handwork goes into individual garments

  • One of two companies in the world to handmade double-sided front buttonholes

  • Garments are pressed at multiple and specific stages to allow for proper sculpting and shaping

  • Rigorous quality control and inspection checkpoints

  • One of two Grade 6 makers in the United States

  1. The “grade six” mark distinguishes a company as being at the top of its class 

Diverse Product Line: Our product line consists of men’s and women's suits, sport coats, trousers, vests, outerwear, formalwear, and leisurewear.

World-Wide Fabric Collection: Adrian Jules’ dealers have access to thousands of fabrics and trimmings from the most prestigious fabric mills and suppliers in the world. We can also tailor the fabrics that you provide.

Adrian Jules Guarantees

The CTDA has awarded Adrian Jules Ltd. more Blue Ribbons for Excellence than any other American clothing make


Client's patterns are kept on file giving clean and consistent fits

Delivery & Rush Service

Expeditious delivery times with available rush services

No Minimum Requirement

No MOQs required to get started with us

Made In The USA

100% American Quality and Control

Broad Fabric Selection

Our fabrics are procured from the finest cloth mills in the world

Customer Service Team

Full support from onboarding and beyond

Secure Online Ordering

Top-of-the-line online ordering system to place and track orders

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